Free Market Healthcare

Wih the reelection of President Obama, the uncertainty of the future of health insurance is now less so. Had Romney been elected, there would be little difference but that is another conversation. How the system ultimately works and whether or not it succeeds has yet to be seen. What is certain is that free market health care will flourish but, perhaps, in ways that the majority of Americans will neither understand nor have the opportunity to enjoy.
We in America already enjoy the benefits of free market health care. Anyone who has benefitted from cosmetic surgery or lasic eye surgery knows what I mean. These two areas of the health care system generally do not participate in traditional health insurance as it has evolved today. Rather,  cosmetic and lasic surgery has evolved in a competitive environment wherein doctors openly display prices and terms. Negotiation is common and cost overruns are rare.
For the more adventurous, the same health care experience exists for all elective surgeries if the patient is willing to travel. India is the current hot destination but others will develop as needs arise. India offers us a glimpse of the future of our own health care system: universal care for those that need it; custom care for those willing to pay. Search the internet for “medical tourism” to see what I mean.
As our system of health care evolves I fully envision a second system developing that competes with the Indian medical tourism model. America is a prosperous nation. Those able to pay will demand it.

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